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  • Winter Break: December 22, 2014 - January 2, 2015.
  • Scholastic Book Fair: Access the Book Fair Online!

News Items:

WORDS MATTER! School Culture Update

Breeze Hill is officially launching Pillar 3, Choice Words, of our school culture initiative.  During the week of November 12, all students and teachers attended assemblies hosted by Mrs. Higley and Mr. Green to prepare for Choice Words month.

Why is Choice Words one of our pillars?  Simply stated, "language creates realities and invites identities". The words we use have a dramatic impact on how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us, and how others perceive themselves. Are the words we use, words that encourage, support, instill hope and a belief in potential?  Or, do the words we use cause others to feel that they are not good enough, do not possess the capacity to succeed and ultimately limit their possibilities?  What words do you use to describe yourself and your potential?

Here's a thought to keep in mind this month: "Choose your words wisely--they matter!"

During the school culture assemblies, students and staff viewed videos which demonstrated the power of words and ways to bring support, happiness and hope to one another.  Take a few moments to view the videos yourself to gain a sense of what we are aspiring to develop through the careful use of words.

Choice Words Video Roulette.jpg


Learn more about Breeze Hill's School Culture Initiative.

Family Common Core Evening

On Tuesday, November 18, Breeze Hill hosted a Family Common Core Night.  The purpose of the evening was to provide parents an overview of the Common Core Standards and to engage families in hands-on activities.  The activities were designed to incorporate the 4 Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity and included topics such as engineering, math, states of matter, and technology. Below is a copy of the presentation from the evening..

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.38.11 AM.png



VUSD Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation

Are you aware of the VUSD Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation?  If not, take a few minutes to view the Blueprint Website to learn more about how VUSD is implementing eight strategies to build a house of learning that will inspire every student to persevere as a critical thinker to solve real world problems.

Welcome Our New Assistant Principal!

This year Breeze Hill is very fortunate to have Mrs. Lori Higley as our Assistant Principal.  Last year, Mrs. Higley served as the Administrative Designee from December through June.  We are very excited to have her appointed to this position by our school district.


Mrs. Higley has served in a variety of roles throughout her career including, Breeze HIll teacher, VUSD Literacy Coach, and Beginning Teacher Support Provider.  She is a welcome addition to our administrative staff and will be working very closely with Mr. Green to ensure that Breeze Hill is the very best school for our students.


Welcome Mrs. Higley!

100-Mile Club

Breeze Hill’s Wellness Committee is looking for fun ways to help students be healthy and fit! The committee would like to know if you are interested in having your child/children participate in the 100-Mile Club.


Throughout this school year during lunch recess, 100-Mile Club members will run or walk to reach their goal of 100-miles or more!


For a $10 program enrollment fee each student will receive the 100 Mile Club Challenge Accepted ID card and after completing 25-miles a t-shirt, after 50-miles a golden pencil, after 75-miles a wristband and when they reach 100 miles or more a Gold Medal with neckband! At the end of the year each student participant will receive a Final Certificate.


Please let us know if you are interested by completing this short INTEREST SURVEY.


Thank you,

The Breeze Hill Wellness Committee


2014-15 School Year: Start and End Times


Breeze Hill Elementary School Start and End Times: ALL GRADES (TK-5)
Start Time: Monday-Friday: 7:45 am 
End Times: Mondays: 12:36 pm (Early Release Day district wide for all VUSD elementary schools)
  Tuesday-Friday: 2:03 pm
Click HERE to see the bell times for all VUSD schools.


Welcome To Breeze Hill Elementary School

Breeze Hill sets the highest possible academic and personal expectations for our students. Staff members are role models of courtesy, respect, hard work, and personal achievement. We work collaboratively with families to ensure a strong community connection. Our goal is for each student to experience a sense of pride through positive accomplishments, mastery of grade-level standards, and development of valuable relationships as we prepare them for a successful future in the 21st century.


The paper flyers we have been sending home will now be sent electronically. Each year, our school will save approximately 2-3 tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars. On top of ...more

About Breeze Hill

Breeze Hill Elementary School opened in 1992 in southern Vista with a vision of setting the highest possible academic and personal expectations for students. The goal of educators there is for each student to experience a sense of pride through positive accomplishments, mastery of grade-level standards, and development of valuable relationships as we prepare them for a successful future in the 21st century. The school was awarded the California Distinguished School Award in 2000 and 2004.

The school staff works collaboratively with families to ensure a strong community connection. Parents participate in a variety of ways, including through the PTA, School Site Council, English Learner Advisory Committee and by volunteering in the classroom. Throughout the year the PTA raises money and hosts events which help strengthen the programs and community at the school. Some of these events include the annual fall carnival, family movie nights, book fair and literacy night, school talent show and Jog-a-Thon.

The Breeze Hill school community takes pride in the numerous opportunities provided for students.  The Breeze Hill Garden Learning Center has been recognized by the National Wildlife Foundation as a “Schoolyard Habitat” and by MonarchWatch.org as a Monarch Butterfly Waystation.  Our garden is a valuable and scenic venue for teaching students about the wonders of our natural environment, as well as the life cycles of native flora and fauna.

Breeze Hill serves a diverse population of 870 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  There are 33 classroom teachers, and a number of certificated staff who work collaboratively to educate all students. Staff members are role models of courtesy, respect, hard work, and personal achievement.


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